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Welcome to Nom Nom Cinema, where the magic of the silver screen meets the culinary world in a one-of-a-kind dining extravaganza. In collaboration with Andsoforth Singapore, we've crafted an experience that will transport you into the heart of your favorite movies through the art of food and dining.

Please note that Nom Nom Cinema is all about the love for cinema and cuisine – there won't be actors or performances. Instead, we invite film enthusiasts, couples seeking an extraordinary date night, and anyone looking to socialize in a refreshing and immersive way, away from the usual bar scene.

Picture this: dishes inspired by iconic movie scenes, artful plating that's nothing short of cinematic, and even moments of self-assembly that bring a touch of interactive fun to your dining adventure. Plus, impeccable timing ensures that every dish is served to perfection, enhancing your cinematic soirée.

Nom Nom Cinema is a limited-time, exclusive event, and your ticket is your key to an unforgettable night where movie night becomes an experience you'll cherish forever.

Don't miss out on this unique fusion of film and food. Secure your tickets now, and together, let's turn movie night into a memory that will last a lifetime. 🎟️🍽️🥂

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